Facebook makes open source Parse SDKs

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Now here two years that Facebook has acquired Parse, the cloud platform aiming to facilitate the development of applications for mobile, connected objects and other devices. It provides developers with ready solutions such as backend services for data storage, notifications, and more. This allows them to focus on front-end appearance of their projects and to ignore the concerns related to the implementation of the back-end part.

Last December, the CEO of Parse Ilya Sukhar announced that the number of applications using the Parse products had reached half a million. A few months later, there is still a time statistics Parse gained growing. The SDK Parse actively turn on “more than 800 million units per month,” said Nikita Lutsenko a Parse engineer.

Also, to go even further in the development cycle of the Parse products, Facebook has announced they put all their Parse SDKs under the Open Source licence. The announcement was made by Nikita engineer said:

Here at Parse, we also believe in open source as a way to accelerate innovation, to learn of our community, and collaborate from scalable solutions to the difficult challenges in mobile development.

And adding

that is why we are pleased to announce that we are open source our software development kits, with iOS, OS X and Android SDK available today, and our other SDK which will be soon.

The open source SDKs available at the moment are those designed for iOS, OS X and Android the other will be available soon. By making the source code of the SDK available to the community, developers can better understand how these SDK and get even more drinkable products.

Nikita For its part, defends the decision of his firm and said

that by sharing the source code of our SDK with the community, we want to share all that we have learned along the way, especially as we hope it benefit others working on similar challenges in the mobile development space. We know that we will continue to learn, too, from the contributions of developers and engineers from around the world.

All contributors who wish may therefore join the project. Facebook also like to inform that the discovered bugs can be reported on the platform GitHub reserved for this purpose.

IT must also remember that Facebook is not the first initiative with the open source community. Several open source projects made are charged to his account. These include for example the JavaScript library React, its virtual machine HHVM, its SQL engine Presto, question OSQuery framework of operating systems, the integrated development environment Nuclide…

With this announcement, we hope that developers will be more numerous in the adoption of these products Parse SDK with more better.


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